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5 Natural Ingredients To Blacken Hair

Have a long and black hair is always yearning for everyone especially the women, but to care for and get maximum results are indeed easy-easy is difficult, because many hair care products offered in advertisements that make some people confused to select it, but you have to be observant to choose which products are good and which are bad, can-can your hair be damaged.In addition to the product your plant can also be his own natural materials that do not contain side effects for the health of your hair, and lustrous black hair could make.
5 the following natural ingredients which can discolor and make your hair sparkle with no side effects

1. Sesame Oil
Sesame oil is the oil of the juice of sesame seed oil is commonly used for cooking,fragrance and flavor enhancer for food.
In addition to cooking the sesame seed oil can also discolor the hair, the way is over the sesame oil to the hair shaft regularly, do continuously to get black and lustrous hair, this way too potent to restore hair condition has been graying.

2. Avocado
In addition to the meal and it tasted delicious, it turns out that avocados are also useful to blacken hair , yuk let us refer to how.
Take a ripe avocado flesh and puree until smooth. Mix the Avocado with 1 egg, but his only yellow and also mix it with olive oil to taste, and mix well until dough becomes the mask.
After so then apply it on the hair until evenly and wait for it to sink in about 30 minutes and dry. Then rinse with clean water and continue with the shampoo.
Do routinely to get maximum results.

3. Coconut Milk
We will use instant coconut milk that is not already so, but rather we should make native coconut with coconut milk so that the result is maximum.
How to make it, take one grain and grated coconut, love a little water and squeeze milk thickened. then smeared into the hair until evenly distributed. Let stand 30 minutes, then wash as usual. the results will be visible after 5-6 times of use.

4. Fruit Matoa
Maybe you're still unfamiliar with this fruit, but this one turned out fruit can also be used to blacken hair .
The way is use the matoa leaf extract as a substitute for shampoo.

5. Fruit Noni
Noni fruit can be made into shampoos, there also are mixed with eggs and can also not be a mixture of anything.

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