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Skin Extract Mangosteen Benefits for Health

Surely you are not familiar with this one fruit, in addition to its fruit flavors that are delicious it also has benefits over the crust, so you do not need to rush to directly remove the skin from the new mangosteen fruit you eat.

Skin mangosteen xanthones compound contains very good for human health because it contains antioxidants that can be used to fight free radicals. These compounds have anti-diabetic properties, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-plasmodial and can boost immunity.

Here I provide some of the benefits of mangosteen peel quoted from detik.com:

• Strengthen the immune system.
• Can heal inflammation.
• Thwart DNA damage.
• Can reduce insulin resistance
• Lose weight
• Heals nerve damage.
• Relieve Hemorrhoids
• Healing the wounds
• Eliminate the scaly skin disease.
• Lowers cholesterol in the body
• Prevent heart disease
• Lowering high blood
• Able to cope with the disease GERD
• Cures ulcers / sores
• Helps stop diarrhea
• Relieve inflammation of the colon and small.
• Increase energy and stamina increase
• Slowing the aging process
• Can help prevent kidney stones
• Relieves pain of arthritis skibat
• Helps repair the damage resulting from the use of painkillers.
• Reduce fever
• Able to cope with food poisoning
• Overcoming shortness of breath
• Reduce toothache
• Assist and prevent infertility for men
• Prevent prostrat enlargement in men.
• Relieve abdominal pain.
• Combating TB illness
• To prevent cancer

So a lot about the benefits of mangosteen peel extract.

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