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Cover the Film's Worst

Local Movies and movie box office, must not forget the presence of a poster or cover, of the posters here's the audience interested and intrigued by the storyline of the film. Cover the film must possess a creativity and uniqueness so that the audience amazed and became interested in the film.

But what about the movie cover ugly or bad ..? possible for the filmmaker, this is in fact not a serious thing, but I think there is no harm in making the audience amazed and interested in the film.

Below I show some cover or movie poster world ugly in my opinion ..hehe

• Up In The Sandbox
The film was made in 1972 by Barbra Streisand is actually memlikik potential as an attractive way of robbery ceirtanya bersnejata, tribal music and business fatherly terrorist detonates and destroys the statue of liberty. But the film that he's giving this most even gave a poster of the worst in the history of cinema. With a picture of a woman who tied a bottle of baby milk is considered not very interesting.

• Hooper
Many admired from a person's past, as well as traffic that is not as crowded now and the state of nature is still beautiful, in the era of the American 1978 has Toom Hooper as the hottest actor with his mustache.
This poster colors were lit and painful eye with head pieces Burt is smiling.

• One Crazy Summer
The film was released in 1986 starring renowned artists in the era, but all was marred by a quarter matahri big picture bespectacled and smile, logic when the sun is as close as it then the other will be charcoal.

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